This weekend you must have had my RSS feed messed up, because I was refreshing my blog with updates, sometimes broken one. Now I am using readtime and share_post plugins to show some more stuff in the article side-bar. The other two plugins I use are related_posts and render_math, formerly 'latex'. I really hesitated on adding the share buttons for various reasons - one of them being I sometimes put inaccurate information inadvertently, but I gave in hoping that my readers would find it useful.

Having no www prepended to CNAME file will complicate a lot of things for DNS entry record. I was trying different DNS entries and github would still keep on sending me warning emails. This took me hours to figure out.

The search box is fixed. This is a static files only website, so I rely on Google for the indexing and searching. It does not contain everything and it takes time for it to update, but I am so far happy with it.

By the way, if you ever open up my website on your mobile phone, it does not look too bad.

I rarely proof read my articles and I lack the motivation to do so, but for the sacrifice of the quality, you get the quantity! So cheer up! Many of the blogs I have been following got abandoned, but I don't think I will let this blog go away, because I am keeping myself pressure free and trying to do it because it is fun, not because I want to make a name for myself. I guess this is one advantage of being anonymous.

One awesome thing I did over this weekend was to fix the dates on my blog. Before I would be lazy and skip to specify the dates on my posts. Pelican would default to the last modified dates. So whenever I made a small change, it would be be on the first page, because my articles are sorted chronically by default. Unfortunately, linux does not store the creation time of the file - but Windows does. So I picked up powershell again this weekend. And here is the script:

param (
    [string]$directory = $(throw "-directory is required."),
    [string]$include = "*.md"

$files = Get-ChildItem -recurse $directory -include $include
foreach ($file in $files)
    $date = "Date: " + $(Get-ChildItem $file.FullName | `
    Select-Object -ExpandProperty CreationTime | Get-Date -f "yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm")

    (Get-Content $file.FullName) | % {
    if ($_.ReadCount -eq 2 -and $_ -notmatch "Date:") { 
        Write-Host "Updating" $file $date
    else {
  } | Set-Content $file.FullName

The catch is that this only looks for the second line of the file to see if there is field Date:. Since none of my articles had that field, this was not a problem for me, but if your location of Date: is not consistent, you will need to rewrite the code. Download it and save it. Here is how you use it. Open up the powershell and invoke:

insert_creation_date.ps1 -directory <Directory where your articles exist> -include *.md

Going forward, a better better solution would be to use UltiSnips or Neosnippet to generate header for any file with *.md extension in a certain directory. I am not a big fan of snippets because I forget to use them and frankly they use up more space on my brain than they are worth. I rarely use the same snippet repeatedly, but I think a template header generation is definitely worthwhile.

When I fixed Google Analytics on my blog (you can look it up in the source code of this website), I found that people do read what I write. So I added Donate button. I don't drink beer, but the sign of appreciation would make my day.


I try to read Our Daily Bread every night with this app on my phone. There is an option to make the app's background black. I think that is important so that your brain is not affected by the light and get interrupted from winding down. Anyway, doing devotional is a habit I formed in college, because when I spend entire day working with numbers and figures, my mind is still in the state of "momentum". As in, sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night with an headache because I would be trying to solve ...

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Amazon now offers up to 30GB SSD instead of HDD for free-tier

I didn't check how much hard drive space I had before, but I was using well below 10GB. By default the general purpose SSD is set to 10GB, but the maximum allocation is 30GB for the free-tier t1.micro instance. Before you hit review button, there should be numbered tabs on the top that Amazon setup wizard did not redirect you, go to one of those and make sure to take the full advantage of free-tier service. I definitely noticed the speed up.

There is no password ...

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stopPropagation() cuts off the flow of capture and bubble at that specified element prevenetDefault() allows event propagation but prevents the browser from carrying out its default action (e.g. opening a new tab when a link is clicked) addEventListener, removeEventListener, Event.preventDefault and Event.stopPropagation

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You know, I see all these videos for learning English, breaking down the grammar structure and vocabulary for every sentence. Then I wonder, how would a baby take in those lessons? I mean 1 year old baby is no smarter than most of you out there. Okay, my smarter I mean, his/her knowledge base is much less than most of you. Maybe someone could argue that knowing less is an advantage, but in my opinion, such academic way of learning a new language is horribly inefficient. Even if you cannot afford to live in the native country for a ...

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  • Look for a job that offers free (healthy) food
  • Join a startup company to get the visibility in the company and feel satisfied with your work
  • Even when the rent price is expensive, pay the price to not own/need a car.
  • Instead of trying to form good habits, block all distractions first.
  • Talk to your imaginary self from 10 years future - then choose your habits.
  • Don't travel too much. Save that for your retirement.
  • Ask for an advice from everyone.
  • Don't be afraid to skip things.
  • Keep your expectations low.
  • Read news headlines everyday.
  • Keep things simple ...
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I hardly ever use Windows Tasks Scheduler. Because I spend most of my time on computer within a few selected applications, I tend to forget about it. Well, setting once and forgetting is the whole point of task scheduling, I find myself updating things constatntly, and when I can't update with a text editor, I end up not doing the update. Anyway, I had this idea of firing up a remote desktop viewer and also my IDE when I get to work. When I was messing with Condi on my phone, I got the idea and it was very ...

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I never did drugs in my life, but I have seen their effects, so I am making the comparison. I am not the expert on the topic, but here is the best video I could find on the web: The Great Porn Experiment: Gary Wilson at TEDxGlasgow.

Once in my life, I thought I could never get away from it. I mean the pleasure (the release of dopamine) is just feels so irresistible because our brain is wired that way. But just as you are able to form a habit (addiction) to it, the steps also can be reversed. You ...

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Enabling javascript in the debugger

var jq = document.createElement('script');
jq.src = "";
// ... give time for script to load, then type.

final_query = { "status" : "free", "enabled" : True }

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Block Ads and Facebook iFrames:

AdBlock for Chrome, but I was keep getting these iFrames that fails to resolve DNS and throwing a huge grey window to block the web page. So I slapped the following line in the AdBlock Options (Under Customize -> Manually edit your filters) and they are no more:

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