I try to read bbh Daily Devotion every night with this app on my phone. I used to do Our Daily Bread, but I wanted some more challenging words, so I went to download all devotional apps available on Android and tried them all and picked bbh as the winner. Anyway, doing devotional is a habit I formed in college, because when I spend entire day working with numbers and figures, my mind is still in the state of "momentum". As in, sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night with an headache because I would be trying to solve some impossible algorithm problems in my dreams.

I have been doing this for a couple years now, with some big gaps in between, because I just sometimes get too tired or have a lot of other things going on. But despite my lack of dedication, it had a very positive affect in my life. I am happier, more relaxed, and more future-oriented.

It can be awkward in the beginning because it interferes with whatever the routine you had before, but I try not to think too much about it. Or if your let it slip for a while, don't let guilt take over. Guilt, for me, prevents me from directing myself to the right path.


I first encountered the world vagrant from JetBrains' documentation on remote interpreter for PyCharm. Vagrant is a way to deploy VMs in already configured state quickly and programmatically. It is built on Oracle VirtualBox and writeen in ruby. I still do not find a good use case for it yet for my workflow, because I create very few custom VMs that I recycle. I have not had to reproduce other people's working environment for troubleshooting yet. And I have created 6 VMs But it can be used with docker to automate deployment of applications too.

If the box is ...

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I recently had to work with a project that is in mercurial, but I know that git is more powerful and is more widely used. So I looked around and there is a way to use git on hg repository.. Sorry if I am late to the party, but I am so happy. Because seriously, when there are two alternatives, I would like to stick to the best one. wink wink. If you must use mercurial. There is an excellent article written by Jamie Wong about setting up mercurial like pro, but make sure you check out lawrencium instead of ...

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There are several options available for sending emails from your server: SMTP, postfix, and sendmail. I choose sendmail because it is the easiest to setup and I only need it to send out emails.

Changing hostname temporarily for now

This is the name that will end up after @ character in the email. It is also the name that shows up on your command shell prompt.

hostname NEW_HOST_NAME

Your prompt will not reflect the change until you reboot.

Changing the hostname for when the system boots:

/etc/hosts myhostname localhost.localdomain localhost


Just say yes.

sudo ...
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Node package manager for node modules

npm insall --save <moduel>

will also update package.json

npm update -g npm


none-Node file manager, including files like .js, .css, .html, .png, .ttf. It can be utlized for other framework (e.g. AnguarlJS). bower install command can be used on bower resgiry, git, any url, or local directory


  "directory" : "components",
  "json"      : "bower.json",
  "endpoint"  : "https://Bower.herokuapp.com",
  "searchpath"  : "",
  "shorthand_resolver" : ""
  • directory - local directory name and location in which the components will be installed. json - name of the json file which contains the values describing (i.e. name, version, main, dependencies ...
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This weekend you must have had my RSS feed messed up, because I was refreshing my blog with updates, sometimes broken one. Now I am using readtime and share_post plugins to show some more stuff in the article side-bar. The other two plugins I use are related_posts and render_math, formerly 'latex'. I really hesitated on adding the share buttons for various reasons - one of them being I sometimes put inaccurate information inadvertently, but I gave in hoping that my readers would find it useful.

Having no www prepended to CNAME file will complicate a lot of things for DNS entry ...

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Amazon now offers up to 30GB SSD instead of HDD for free-tier

I didn't check how much hard drive space I had before, but I was using well below 10GB. By default the general purpose SSD is set to 10GB, but the maximum allocation is 30GB for the free-tier t1.micro instance. Before you hit review button, there should be numbered tabs on the top that Amazon setup wizard did not redirect you, go to one of those and make sure to take the full advantage of free-tier service. I definitely noticed the speed up.

There is no password ...

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Join mp4 videos in minutes with MP4Joiner

Mp4Joiner is the best program for joining two MP4 files together. Most of the camcorders and cell phones have file size limited to 4GB which translates to approximately 33 minutes for 1080p videos. If you try to merge two videos together with Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere Pro, they re-render the entire video, taking more than four hours(!). But this program merely slice the metadata and merge the video together, taking less than 10 minutes.

Converting mp4 to mp3 with ffmpeg

ffmpeg is an amazing open source tool for any type of media ...

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stopPropagation() cuts off the flow of capture and bubble at that specified element prevenetDefault() allows event propagation but prevents the browser from carrying out its default action (e.g. opening a new tab when a link is clicked) addEventListener, removeEventListener, Event.preventDefault and Event.stopPropagation

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You know, I see all these videos for learning English, breaking down the grammar structure and vocabulary for every sentence. Then I wonder, how would a baby take in those lessons? I mean 1 year old baby is no smarter than most of you out there. Okay, my smarter I mean, his/her knowledge base is much less than most of you. Maybe someone could argue that knowing less is an advantage, but in my opinion, such academic way of learning a new language is horribly inefficient. Even if you cannot afford to live in the native country for a ...

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